Message From Principal

Dear Parents,

It’s a great pleasure to assume the office of Principal of CISK. It becomes my prerogative to introduce myself to the parents and address them. I hail from Dev Bhoomi Uttrakhand – Dehradun (Mussoorie) from a humble family of teachers. I have been in this noble profession for last 30 years. I have worked in the capacity of a teacher, HOD, House master and as Principal from last 20 years. I have been heading school of repute of Ranchi, Farrukabad (U.P.) and since last 10 years, in NDS Rishikesh. Where ever I have worked; worked with dedication, sincerity with innovation and was fortunate enough to bring name and fame to these institutions with sheer hard work. Now with my experience and ability I would like to serve CISK and you.

Though the school is still in its infant stage, a lot has to be done, yes definitely “Rome was not built in a day.” I with all earnest commitment will persue the same hard work here to groom the students and make a pathway for CISK to grow from “Strength to Strength”.

As a young man, I have been attracted to the institution for the vision of the management and my mission to impart holistic education coupled with latest technological advancement and imbibing human values, ethos and sanaskaras in the students with a spiritual blend. In a nutshell, aiming at sculpturing a student to be a good person first and rest follows automatically. I am committed to these values myself and take the vision of management as my mission.

(Rajiv Singh Rautela)

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